Tips & Tricks Best Music Phone, How to Choose It?


music in its various forms has become an integral part of our lives. indeed, a world of research shows the fact that about 75 percent of people, regardless of gender, can not be separated from music in their daily lives.

the number exceeds the fun activities or other entertainment such as watching tv, reading books, playing games, and others. mobile phone manufacturers are keen to take advantage of this opportunity by integrating a digital mp3 player into a mobile phone, an incredible breakthrough that is now a standard mobile phone in various price classes. however, faced with the many choices of music phones, consumers also become confused.

which music phone is the best? what are the criteria of a good music phone if it can all be made to play music files? there are three things that make a phone that can be regarded as a good music phone. firstly the phone can easily play music. both phones can be easily used to share music. thirdly, with the phone consumers can easily get the music or collection of new songs.

the ease of playing music is not just seen from the media player that has a user interface (user interface) download lagu with a good design, intuitive and easy to use. access to this media player must also be easy. the phone is good equipped with a special key that can bring consumers directly to the media player, without entering the other menus. the phone must also be able to play many music file formats.

not only mp3 that is still commonly used for music collection that is owned no longer need to be converted to a specific file so it can be played on that phone. other commonly used codecs of music files such as aac, eaac, and eaac +. storage capacity should also be a particular concern because the size of the music file is usually quite large and takes up memory space. therefore the memory size of the music phone should be no less than 256mb and can be upgraded to a larger memory.

battery life is also an important factor. the phone must still be used to communicate, once used to play music. battery capacity and quality should be good and supported with reliable power management software. ideally, talk or active time of not less than 7-8 hours and standby time of not less than 250 hours. connectivity in the phone will help in the ease of sharing files.

this form of connectivity can be a data cable to connect to a computer or laptop and wireless connectivity, such as infra red, bluetooth, or even access to email and the internet. listening to music is also getting fun if done rollicking so that speaker hardware installed also must be loud enough and good quality.

downloading music files is now commonplace. this should be done easily through any application that is embedded in the phone. World-class manufacturers usually already provide an online music store that enables easy downloading, integrated with mobile phones, and is affordable. consumers should also look at what other producers offer beyond the mobile phone products so the experience of using the phone becomes richer, more interesting, as well as a reliable telecommunication tool.

the availability of quality accessories, such as speakers and quality headsets, is also a consideration. download lagu ed sheeran unique music applications, such as trackid (software capabilities to recognize song titles) or shake control (music controlling apps with motion sensors) that exist in sony ericsson phones, will also help in creating a more positive experience when using the phone. last and not least important to be noticed by the consumer is the post-sale service from the manufacturer.

access to service centers throughout Indonesia, the number, and location should be good and with short service time. the choice of music phones is increasingly longer, from well-known brands to brands that have never heard of his name. but choose the best phone and can be enjoyed to the fullest, need accuracy and carefulness. enjoy the music on your phone!

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