Get to know the most interesting P2P loans of the year

On many occasions both individuals and companies are faced with the need to apply for financing. Likewise, these same clients often seek an alternative mode of investment to that of traditional banking that offers a tailored profitability.

Regardless of your case, perhaps P2P loans, or loans between individuals, are the alternative you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a loan with more relaxed interest than traditional banking or if you want to invest your money and obtain a higher return for it without having to go through a bank.

What are P2P loans?

What are P2P loans?

They are very simple and are completely operated through the internet using online platforms that are dedicated to it. In these platforms the two parts of a loan meet. That is, those interested in obtaining liquidity and those interested in making investments.

To operate with this type of loan, it is necessary to register on these platforms. In them, if we want to request a loan, they will analyze our risk level with which to determine the cost of the loan. With these data, a project will be generated on the platform with a specific risk level in which investors can invest their savings to obtain attractive interests.

Based on the information of one of the best financial comparators on the internet, Fine Bank, we want to offer you a list with some of the most interesting P2P loans of the year. Pay attention to request more information about the one that best suits your needs. Let’s start!

P2P Comunitae Loan

P2P Comunitae Loan

This type of P2P loan is perfect for both individuals and companies. With a minimum interest of 7.95% and a maximum of 17% depending on the level of risk of the operation. The minimum amount is $ 600 and the maximum is $ 8000. The term of this loan ranges from 6 months to 24.

You contract by filling out an online form. In less than 15 minutes the platform responds with the pre-approval of the proposal and a contract with which to formalize the project. After that, a risk level is assigned and the project is made public with the intention of obtaining up to 100% of the requested investment. From 80% you can withdraw the financed amount to start using it.

Small business loan grants by whom?

P2P Zank loan

P2P Zank loan

This type of loan, aimed mainly at individuals with any type of purpose, has excellent conditions. It offers a minimum interest of 6% and a maximum of 18% depending on the risk of the operation you want to carry out. You can request from $ 2000 to $ 10,000 with a period of between 12 months and 4 years to repay the loan and interest.

It has an opening fee of 1% and a late payment fee of 5%. It is very simple to request and all the steps are carried out by filling out a form through the internet. The characteristics of the project will be specified in this form. For example the amount and the term for the return. Once approved by the platform and the risk level established, the project is published on the web. If in 4 weeks you do not receive 100% of the amount, it is withdrawn from it. However, if in this time it reaches 80%, you can go ahead with the loan.

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