How to apply for loans from private lenders


he private loan is one of the options that the client has to implement when other alternatives are exhausted, at the moment in which the bank decides not to lend the money that a person needs to finance their projects or simply cover some important need means that We must find new ways, new ways to do it, we must know how to request loans from private lenders.

The financial crisis has tightened the conditions

The financial crisis has tightened the conditions

The private loan has been enormously successful thanks to the fact that the financial crisis has tightened the conditions imposed by banks to obtain any credit, companies like ours provide their clients with the money they need in a very simple way and with maximum transparency. To apply for credits to our private lenders you only need to meet an essential requirement; provide a guarantee that can be real estate or of any kind. This means that the user can guarantee with all kinds of properties the loans that they request from us.

A client who asks for money in our loan company can guarantee this credit with a car, pieces of art, real estate, etc. We only exclude jewelry. The number of possibilities for the user is very varied and this facilitates the task of obtaining the necessary money to satisfy urgent needs.

Appraise the customer’s car and then grant him an amount

Appraise the customer

The consumer can access an amount of up to 20% of the value of the guarantee. This percentage can be expanded up to 30% or 40% in the case of a car loan; This consists of obtaining money in exchange for the vehicle. We appraise the customer’s car and then grant him an amount that is found that can reach these figures at most.

The procedure for obtaining money through the vehicle is identical in the case of a motorcycle, van, truck, etc.

The loans that we provide in our company have the virtue of facilitating the work of the client to seek financing and meet their personal needs. We can grant cash to people who are unemployed, delinquent, etc. none of these circumstances means any impediment to us.

It is possible to obtain the amount of money in a very short period of time, the user can obtain their money in cash, deposited into their checking account in less than 72 hours.

Try to adapt to the client’s personal needs

Try to adapt to the client

If you need a small amount, we can grant you a minimum loan starting at $ 3,000, all of these private equity loans have many payment facilities, so that fees can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or even annually. We always try to adapt to the client’s personal needs.

The guarantees of real estate type must meet the condition of being totally free of charges and mortgages, in this way they are valid and flats, houses, premises, etc. can be presented. We only exclude the plots, land or plots because they are goods that are normally linked to very large variations in their prices and therefore cannot be acceptable guarantees.

All agreements were always signed in the presence of a notary, this professional will attest to everything that is revealed on the contract sheets. Notarial signatures can be made throughout the Spanish territory, so that the client does not have the need to travel to other provinces to carry out said signatures.

Our team of professionals usually studies the operation in advance and for this we may carry out feasibility studies, through these analyzes we will be able to know the real possibilities of the consumer in greater detail. We will never collect money in advance for this, we can study the operation only by presenting the simple note of registration in the case of real estate guarantees.

Among other facilities to access these particular credits, there is early cancellation with a 0% penalty, provided that the consumer has served us for one year. If you need to obtain a private equity loan, you can turn to our company, ask us about any doubts you have and contact our team of professionals through the customer service telephone number or through the web form on this page.

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