Borrowing money in Spain Borrow money abroad

Do you want to buy a house in sunny Spain, or do you want to take advantage of the favorable interest rates in the land of paella? Taking out a loan in Spain is not difficult. It is a matter of finding the right bank or lender and filling in the forms to accept the loan.

Take out a loan in Spain

Take out a loan in Spain

Taking out a loan in Spain involves less administrative hassle than you might think. Taking out a loan in Spain is even easier than in the Netherlands. Of course, Spanish banks do pay attention to BKR registration. When you have a BKR registration in the Netherlands, there is a reduced chance that you can take out a loan in Spain, but just like in the Netherlands, there are banks that deal more smoothly with a BKR registration. So it can certainly pay to consider a loan in Spain.

Obtaining a Spanish loan happened faster than in the Netherlands. If you want to take out a mortgage to buy a property in Spain, we recommend to compare different Spanish banks. Most Spanish banks have a website, it is possible to view the conditions. Specialized Spanish banks often have experience with foreign customers, which means that the conditions and contracts are available in English and sometimes even in Dutch. Make the right decision because taking the wrong loan can cost you a lot of money! Many banks work online, so you can easily view and compare foreign loans from home.

Benefits of borrowing money in Spain

Benefits of borrowing money in Spain

The biggest advantage why the Dutch take out a Spanish loan is the lower interest rate. In many cases, the interest is much lower than in the Netherlands. Never borrow more than you allow financial situation, you can also cost it in Spain.

Banks in Spain work slightly differently than in the Netherlands. When you take out a mortgage in Spain, this interest will be variable. So take interest rate fluctuations into account. In addition to interest rate fluctuations, you also lose closing commission. This amounts to about 1% to 1.5% of the purchase amount.

How is a private loan guaranteed?

Everyone already knows that there are a series of loans whose funds come from private investors and that these credits have a number of advantages. The next question would be to know how a particular loan is guaranteed.

A property that can be real estate or of any other kind

A property that can be real estate or of any other kind

Our private equity company only needs one thing from the client, a property that can be real estate or of any other kind, with this possession the credit that we are going to give the user is guaranteed. Any object is valid to guarantee the loans offered by our private equity companies, it can serve a flat, a car, art collections, even a boat. The only exception to these guarantees would be the case of jewelery, even so, there is still a wide range of possibilities for the client to secure the credit that we are going to provide.

These loans have a number of advantages compared to traditional banking, for example the fact that they are processed much faster since in 72 hours it is possible to enjoy cash. Another virtue is that they can be granted to people who are unemployed or even who appear on lists of defaulters such as Financial Credit Institution.

We must point out that real estate

We must point out that real estate

The amount of money that we can give to a client would be fixed by 20% of the value of said property. To all this we must point out that real estate must have the condition of being free of charges or mortgages. The floors, premises, houses, etc. are valid. and we do not consider the plots or plots.

We also offer an interesting alternative for the beneficiary of our loans, it is the credit for the vehicle that the client has, we can give money for his car, for this we first carry out an appraisal of the car and then we grant an amount that is between the 30% or 40% of the value of that utility.

Vans, trucks, motorcycles, etc. are also valid for this purpose. These are some notions about how a particular loan is guaranteed in our company.

These are very competitive loans compared to other companies in the sector, our interests are between 12% or 15% per year and they can also be paid very comfortably and very flexibly since we always create personalized plans tailored to the client, to that in such a way that they do not suppose an additional economic burden.

In addition, we always try to speed up the procedures and minimize the procedures, so that the client does not have to deliver an excessive amount of paperwork and the process is accelerated, ensuring that the user can enjoy their cash in less than 72 hours.

In the case of the real estate type guarantee, an official appraisal of the home is required and this can be carried out in our company, always at a very low cost and economic for the client.

This gives greater legal validity to the procedures

This gives greater legal validity to the procedures

These agreements are signed before a notary and this gives greater legal validity to the procedures, the signatures can be carried out anywhere in the Spanish peninsula or territory, including the islands as well. In such a way that the user does not have to scroll to sign.

Our company is made up of a group of experts with knowledge in real estate and financial matters, we are also regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption and there is very clear legislation that regulates everything concerning private loans in our country. Therefore, the user can feel safe and confident since they will get the cash they need with all the guarantees.

The loan installments can be paid in a very comfortable way, by direct debit by the bank or it is possible by entering them in the same account belonging to the investor lender. Furthermore, we will always try to ensure that the client has the maximum flexibility to make these payments.

For all these reasons, you already know how a private equity loan can be guaranteed, our company of private lenders offers you the best market conditions to obtain quick money. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible and decide to request one of these personal credits.

Is it possible to fly abroad with a loan?


Making a loan, each borrower does not think about whether he will have any difficulties in paying the loan. It often happens that a loan is long-term, the user pays the loan on time, but suddenly he needed to go abroad, and the loan is still not fully paid. A person begins to wonder whether he will be able to go abroad with an unpaid loan, and how he will prove that he repays the loan in a timely manner and that he does not have arrears on it. This question is solved much easier than the borrower thinks, in this material all relevant questions raised by users who gathered abroad will be raised.

Will they release abroad with a loan?

Will they release abroad with a loan?

First of all, the borrower should understand that he has nothing to fear if he has an unpaid loan, but pays it on time, does not allow arrears and debts. Usually, they can’t be allowed to go abroad only when there is a court decision and the person is simply at the legislative level, violating the rights will not be able to go abroad. Do not be afraid of checking the border guards or at the customs, because here no one will ask a person if he has open loans, and if there is such a question, then you just need to show the documents and bank statements that the loan is paid regularly. Remember, only a court decision can prohibit a person from traveling abroad.

Reasons why people with credit may not be allowed to go abroad

Reasons why people with credit may not be allowed to go abroad

Having learned whether they are allowed to go abroad with a loan, one can now find out for what reasons they may still not be allowed to leave the country. There are a number of reasons why a borrower cannot be allowed to go abroad with a loan, for example:

  • If the user has already paid the loan, but the documents and the final decision that the client has completely closed the entire loan are not ready yet. So the user needs to wait for the decision of all instances, the entire list of necessary documents and decisions on the loan, postponing the trip.
  • If the user has issued a restructuring, then he, too, may be denied travel abroad. Here, everything will depend on what conditions of restructuring the bank has provided, and also for how long the loan has been delayed to the user.
  • Sometimes the information that a person has paid a loan does not reach the border service in a timely manner, so you can often be faced with a ban on traveling abroad only because of the uncoordinated work of the bank and border services.

So, the borrower’s journey may simply be postponed due to financial transactions and bureaucratic procedures, which cannot be implemented faster.

Reasons for banning leaving the country, regardless of whether there is a loan or not

Reasons for banning leaving the country, regardless of whether there is a loan or notReasons for banning leaving the country, regardless of whether there is a loan or not

Today, everyone can go abroad, but there are some cases where questions may arise when passing through passport control and a person will not be released from the country. The grounds here may be such legal cases as:

  • If a person did not pay child support for his underage children, and the court confirmed his request not to leave the place of residence.
  • A person has overdue a loan at a bank and refuses to pay, ignores all opportunities to contact a financial institution and somehow pay a loan.
  • Debts for utilities, the amount here must be really significant, so that certain structures can write a letter of recognizance.
  • Administrative violations by a person, most often this relates to traffic rules and public order.

Usually, after a person has been warned several times that he has committed a violation, and the person continues to ignore, then a certain authority can sue and then a person can actually be issued not only a fine, but also a ban on traveling abroad . Here almost all cases have such a scheme, including credit debts.

So, the border service one day after the court decision has complete information about the person and that he was banned from traveling abroad.

How to apply for loans from private lenders


he private loan is one of the options that the client has to implement when other alternatives are exhausted, at the moment in which the bank decides not to lend the money that a person needs to finance their projects or simply cover some important need means that We must find new ways, new ways to do it, we must know how to request loans from private lenders.

The financial crisis has tightened the conditions

The financial crisis has tightened the conditions

The private loan has been enormously successful thanks to the fact that the financial crisis has tightened the conditions imposed by banks to obtain any credit, companies like ours provide their clients with the money they need in a very simple way and with maximum transparency. To apply for credits to our private lenders you only need to meet an essential requirement; provide a guarantee that can be real estate or of any kind. This means that the user can guarantee with all kinds of properties the loans that they request from us.

A client who asks for money in our loan company can guarantee this credit with a car, pieces of art, real estate, etc. We only exclude jewelry. The number of possibilities for the user is very varied and this facilitates the task of obtaining the necessary money to satisfy urgent needs.

Appraise the customer’s car and then grant him an amount

Appraise the customer

The consumer can access an amount of up to 20% of the value of the guarantee. This percentage can be expanded up to 30% or 40% in the case of a car loan; This consists of obtaining money in exchange for the vehicle. We appraise the customer’s car and then grant him an amount that is found that can reach these figures at most.

The procedure for obtaining money through the vehicle is identical in the case of a motorcycle, van, truck, etc.

The loans that we provide in our company have the virtue of facilitating the work of the client to seek financing and meet their personal needs. We can grant cash to people who are unemployed, delinquent, etc. none of these circumstances means any impediment to us.

It is possible to obtain the amount of money in a very short period of time, the user can obtain their money in cash, deposited into their checking account in less than 72 hours.

Try to adapt to the client’s personal needs

Try to adapt to the client

If you need a small amount, we can grant you a minimum loan starting at $ 3,000, all of these private equity loans have many payment facilities, so that fees can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or even annually. We always try to adapt to the client’s personal needs.

The guarantees of real estate type must meet the condition of being totally free of charges and mortgages, in this way they are valid and flats, houses, premises, etc. can be presented. We only exclude the plots, land or plots because they are goods that are normally linked to very large variations in their prices and therefore cannot be acceptable guarantees.

All agreements were always signed in the presence of a notary, this professional will attest to everything that is revealed on the contract sheets. Notarial signatures can be made throughout the Spanish territory, so that the client does not have the need to travel to other provinces to carry out said signatures.

Our team of professionals usually studies the operation in advance and for this we may carry out feasibility studies, through these analyzes we will be able to know the real possibilities of the consumer in greater detail. We will never collect money in advance for this, we can study the operation only by presenting the simple note of registration in the case of real estate guarantees.

Among other facilities to access these particular credits, there is early cancellation with a 0% penalty, provided that the consumer has served us for one year. If you need to obtain a private equity loan, you can turn to our company, ask us about any doubts you have and contact our team of professionals through the customer service telephone number or through the web form on this page.

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These chat rooms are ideal for people looking to practice or learn some new skills for the internet.

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Live adult chat rooms are specifically designed for women.

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Another major reason that women want to use adult chat sites is for curiosity.

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What are the advantages of private loans

Applying for a loan today is not uncommon. It is normal that at some point we have an economic need that we cannot pay with our usual income. Or with the help of our savings. For example, we have to do a home renovation that we did not have. Or that our car breaks without notice and we must buy a new one.

In these cases the normal thing is to resort to the bank of all the life to be able to request credit. However, this does not have to be the best economic decision for us. Today there are many private equity companies and private lenders that offer solutions and alternatives to traditional banking. And that they have some really competitive and interesting products. To such an extent that they even become more attractive than those of banks.

From Private Lenders we want to explain what are some of the main advantages of loans between individuals. We are sure that this information will be interesting for you. Let’s start.

Learn about the main advantages of loans between individuals

Learn about the main advantages of loans between individuals

Ease of getting credit instantly

Ease of getting credit instantly

Unlike what can happen with traditional credit institutions, private lenders offer many facilities to borrowers.

  • Fewer requirements. In general, the minimum requirements to access this type of loan are much less demanding than those that request a bank. For example, even if you are in Asnef, you do not have a good CIRBE or even your payroll is not regular, you can get money.
  • Greater speed of concession. And not only that, but the concession is practically instantly. Depending on the amount you request, you can have the capital in your own checking account in less than 15 minutes or in a maximum of 72 hours.

No need to change banks or link other products

No need to change banks or link other products

Two other main advantages of loans between individuals are the following:

  • No need to change banks. Normally when a financial institution offers us a loan we have to have an open account with them. But this does not happen with private lenders. In this case we will be able to keep our checking account in the bank that we want. This will not affect the granting of the credit.
  • They lack linked products. Also there are no linked products. A very common strategy in banks. In order to gain more clients and benefits, they usually associate loans with related products. In exchange they promise decreases in interest on the loans. But this does not always mean better prices. Well, even if the interest on the loan is cheaper if we have to accept another expense, it will not come to our account. As much as they tell us that they are offering us something in exchange. But it is something we do not want and may not need. This is very common with mortgages. They often link home insurance to their concession. Although these insurances are not exactly the best option for the consumer.

Attractive interests

Attractive interests

Although many people think otherwise, the truth is that private loans offer very competitive interest on their loans. Even in many occasions more attractive than those of banks.

The APR of these loans, according to the Bank of Spain, is usually between 6% and 8% per year and is calculated in a completely personalized way depending on each case.

Contracting through the internet

Contracting through the internet

Another of the great advantages of these loans is that it is not necessary that we go to any office to manage them. Everything is done immediately through the internet. Which allows us to be where we are and we can get a loan.