3 Best New Hair Colors You Should Consider in the Early 2018


2018 will come really soon and it is certainly the best time for you to get ready for a new look by knowing first about best hair colors 2016.

Well, of course there are so many suggested new trends for 2018, especially for 2018/2019 fall winter time.

Unlike my previous post on https://us.damaraji.com/, we are not going to talk about those since that will only make you more confused about which best choice to pick to create the totally new look.

Best New Hair Colors

Therefore, we are going to make it more specific, by talking only about the 3 best new hair color styles 2018 you can take into consideration for the beginning of the New Year.

Coppery Red
The very first choice of best hair colors 2018 is coppery red. Natural red head is a quite rare breed in this world. However, it cannot be denied that the ultimate beauty look they have because of the color of their hair is something proper enough to be envied about.

As for the early of 2018, which is surely still included in the category of winter season, the red hair, which is coppery red specifically, it made a trend because it gives the sense of warmth in the cold season. Besides, it is also a perfect choice for you who are full of passion and full of sensuality.

Pastel Accents
The next best hair trend in 2018 is any hair colors with pastel accents. This trend is simply adorable and fabulous and can be combined with most hair colors perfectly.

However, it is good for you to know that the hair color will look the best when it is paired with bright and light hair colors, especially the ones belong to the blonde category such as platinum blonde that is about to be talked further in the next part.

Platinum Blonde
The last but not least, we have platinum blonde as the example of best hair colors 2018.

In some previous years, this hair color may never have been something dominant.

However, in the year of 2018 this is considered to be the trendiest one and that is why you should take it in your consideration.

While the previous two hairstyles mentioned earlier have their own plus points, this one also has something really good. It is related to the fact that the hair color can look good almost in any skin tone. Even so, the best winter look may be resulted from the combination of this and the lightest or palest skin tone.

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