How is a private loan guaranteed?

Everyone already knows that there are a series of loans whose funds come from private investors and that these credits have a number of advantages. The next question would be to know how a particular loan is guaranteed.

A property that can be real estate or of any other kind

A property that can be real estate or of any other kind

Our private equity company only needs one thing from the client, a property that can be real estate or of any other kind, with this possession the credit that we are going to give the user is guaranteed. Any object is valid to guarantee the loans offered by our private equity companies, it can serve a flat, a car, art collections, even a boat. The only exception to these guarantees would be the case of jewelery, even so, there is still a wide range of possibilities for the client to secure the credit that we are going to provide.

These loans have a number of advantages compared to traditional banking, for example the fact that they are processed much faster since in 72 hours it is possible to enjoy cash. Another virtue is that they can be granted to people who are unemployed or even who appear on lists of defaulters such as Financial Credit Institution.

We must point out that real estate

We must point out that real estate

The amount of money that we can give to a client would be fixed by 20% of the value of said property. To all this we must point out that real estate must have the condition of being free of charges or mortgages. The floors, premises, houses, etc. are valid. and we do not consider the plots or plots.

We also offer an interesting alternative for the beneficiary of our loans, it is the credit for the vehicle that the client has, we can give money for his car, for this we first carry out an appraisal of the car and then we grant an amount that is between the 30% or 40% of the value of that utility.

Vans, trucks, motorcycles, etc. are also valid for this purpose. These are some notions about how a particular loan is guaranteed in our company.

These are very competitive loans compared to other companies in the sector, our interests are between 12% or 15% per year and they can also be paid very comfortably and very flexibly since we always create personalized plans tailored to the client, to that in such a way that they do not suppose an additional economic burden.

In addition, we always try to speed up the procedures and minimize the procedures, so that the client does not have to deliver an excessive amount of paperwork and the process is accelerated, ensuring that the user can enjoy their cash in less than 72 hours.

In the case of the real estate type guarantee, an official appraisal of the home is required and this can be carried out in our company, always at a very low cost and economic for the client.

This gives greater legal validity to the procedures

This gives greater legal validity to the procedures

These agreements are signed before a notary and this gives greater legal validity to the procedures, the signatures can be carried out anywhere in the Spanish peninsula or territory, including the islands as well. In such a way that the user does not have to scroll to sign.

Our company is made up of a group of experts with knowledge in real estate and financial matters, we are also regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption and there is very clear legislation that regulates everything concerning private loans in our country. Therefore, the user can feel safe and confident since they will get the cash they need with all the guarantees.

The loan installments can be paid in a very comfortable way, by direct debit by the bank or it is possible by entering them in the same account belonging to the investor lender. Furthermore, we will always try to ensure that the client has the maximum flexibility to make these payments.

For all these reasons, you already know how a private equity loan can be guaranteed, our company of private lenders offers you the best market conditions to obtain quick money. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible and decide to request one of these personal credits.

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